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At Evolugen, our work goes beyond the clean energy we produce. Our teams are growing in a stimulating and motivating environment where they use creative and strategic thinking daily. Our industry is rapidly transforming, requiring that we be sharp-minded and agile in bringing the best to our clients and communities.

Taking a holistic and sustainable approach is imperative because the way we operate is just as important as the clean, renewable power we produce.


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Sharing Our Values

As a team, we share a common set of values that bring us together and direct us in achieving our goals. Across our business, we look to:


Make a Difference

  • Climate Change and Environmental Stewardship As a renewable power producer, we take pride in accelerating Canada towards a low-carbon economy. As a sustainable business, we are focused on producing renewable power economically and lowering our country’s reliance on carbon, benefitting the environment, economy and future generations.

    We also aim to protect and enhance biodiversity and ecosystem health surrounding our operations by incorporating fish passages in our designs, protecting native species and supporting environmental research.

  • Community Well-Being As a community partner, our dedicated team ensures that our operations positively contribute to the cities and towns where we live and work. To do so, we partner and volunteer with local organizations to improve the well-being of the community, focusing on those offering medical and health assistance, education and community services. We also provide support during natural disasters, either through donations to humanitarian organizations or close collaboration with local authorities.

Succeed Together

We believe success is best accomplished by working together.

  • Collaboration We look to create an organization that fosters teamwork based on open dialogue, mutual respect and support.
  • Equality and Diversity We strive to build an inclusive environment that seeks equity and a diversity of people and ideas. We always continue to work towards equality and evolve our policies and practices to empower our employees to succeed together, as demonstrated by our commitment Equal by 30.

Prioritize Health and Safety

A strong health and safety mindset is imperative and at the heart of our business culture. We emphasize a zero high-risk approach in our operations, protecting the well-being of our employees, contractors and neighbors. This focus extends to our employee wellness plan, which promotes physical and mental well-being through regional health and wellness opportunities as well as a nation-wide employee assistance program.

Our Health & Safety Program