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Renewable Energy

Sustainability: An Early Focus

Since our beginnings, we’ve never lost sight of our goal: to grow our business successfully in a manner that respects the environment and the communities that enable us to develop our renewable energy solutions.

Updated periodically, the topics identified in our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Program are important to our communities, Indigenous partners, suppliers, industry associations, non-governmental organizations and special interest groups, government and regulators and, importantly, our investors. Together, we believe in the importance of these ESG topics and that achieving positive outcomes in these areas will contribute to our success as a business.

Our ESG Program

Evolugen recognizes the significant societal interest in sustainability issues. Our ability to convey business-relevant information in a timely manner and track our progress on key environmental, social and governance issues is an important focus that informs our strategic decisions. Our ESG Program is led by our Sustainability Team, sponsored by our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and overseen by Evolugen’s ESG Executive Steering Committee, fostering cross functional implementation.


Providing Sustainable Solutions

As we produce and deliver renewable energy solutions, we recognize the importance of the natural resources we harness, the need to limit negative impacts while advancing sustainable solutions for our customers and for current and future generations.

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Photo by Robyn Moffatt, Evolugen employee


Position ourselves as a clean energy leader by investing in and operating a renewable energy portfolio that offers innovative energy solutions and contributes to Canada’s clean energy transition.


Manage water to maximize its positive impacts while limiting any negative impact on communities and the environment.


Strive to be a leader in the protection and enhancement of natural ecosystems and biodiversity.


Building Trust

Proactively engaging with communities and Indigenous peoples to ensure that their interests are appropri­ately considered in our decision-making.

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Maintain our commitment as leaders in the protection of our employees, contractors and the general public as well as promote employee diversity and inclusion.


Build trust as good stewards by engaging proactively with communities to ensure that their interests are appropriately considered in our decision-making.


Ensure we are the partner of choice for Indigenous peoples by structuring our projects and managing our operations in a manner that respects their distinctive cultures, traditions, values and aspirations, as outlined in our guiding Indigenous principles.


Building Our Business Responsibly

We operate with the highest ethical standards, conducting our activities with honesty, integrity and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

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At Evolugen, we take pride in our strong culture of ethics that is reflected in the way we manage our business and interact with others.


in Our Actions

Our ESG data is compiled annually with the intention of producing a Sustainability Report biennially.

Please consult our 2022 Sustainability Report for more information on our ESG Program, including our material topics and our sustainability progress.