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Safety & Working

Maintain our commitment as leaders in the protection of our employees, contractors and the general public as well as promote employee diversity and inclusion.

  • Health & Safety (including Public Safety)
  • Diversity & Inclusion

Fostering a Strong Safety Culture

We strongly believe that the safety of our employees, contractors and the general public is paramount. We also believe that optimal performance and safety means considering the input of others. We recognize and view as valuable, the fact that those opinions are informed by life experience, including ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, social class, physical ability or attributes, religious or ethical values system, national origin, political beliefs, as well as, education and work experience. We believe that multiple viewpoints in decision-making can increase performance and have other significant benefits for our business. Recognizing this, we are taking measures to increase the diversity and inclusion of our employees.

High Falls Hydro, QC

Dam Safety and Public Safety

We emphasize public safety practices at all our generating facilities and dam storage areas located across the country. We assess, inspect and maintain all our dams, powerhouses and other water conveyance and control structures regularly in accordance with our robust Evolugen Dam Safety Program and industry-leading best practices. Over and above completing 100% of the required regulated dam safety inspections in 2022, Evolugen additionally performed 50 voluntary dam safety inspections based on our internal procedures.

In addition, we regularly engage with local communities, and regional and provincial authorities as part of our public safety outreach programs in the areas where we operate. This engagement is crucial given the numerous recreational activities in and around our facilities enjoyed by the public, including fishing, boating and hiking. We inspect and assess our transmission infrastructure prioritizing actions in areas frequented by the public and communicate to all stakeholders the dangers that transmission lines can pose.

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Fatalities or injuries that led to permanent disabilities for employee and contractor

Our safety culture is exemplified by our 24-year track record of zero employee or contractor fatalities and 21 years without permanent disabilities.


Planned safe work observations performeds; 555 additional safe work observations performed beyond plan

As part of our commitment to be an industry leader in health and safety, workers and leadership perform planned and random safe work observations to monitor safe work performance, and encourage open dialogue, capitalizing on teachable moments.


Workers representation in formal joint management-worker HSS&E committees

Our monthly regional HSS&E Committee meetings offer an open forum for employees to celebrate successes, discuss improvement opportunities and allow them to actively participate in and contribute to our health and safety culture.


Regulated dam safety inspections performed; 50 additional dam safety inspections performed based on our internal dam safety procedures

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

At Evolugen, we are building a culture of equity, diversity, and inclusion that drives innovation, fosters collaboration, and empowers individuals to reach their full potential. At the heart of our mission to accelerate Canada towards a low carbon future is the creativity and ingenuity of our diverse team. We recognize that diversity of thought, experiences, and backgrounds is fundamental to our success, and we strive to create a workplace that celebrates and values differences, promotes equality, and fosters a sense of belonging for all individuals. We depend on the innovation and expertise of our team to drive our progress forward and achieve our goals for a sustainable future.

We continue to provide education and training in order to build awareness, create a common language and understanding of issues related to equity, diversity, and inclusion and promote a culture of respect, collaboration, and openness. We have engaged an Indigenous consultant to provide Indigenous Awareness and Relations training and continue to build on our extensive online equity, diversity and inclusion training library, tackling issues such as adopting an inclusive mindset at work, becoming an ally and agent for change, understanding and overcoming unconscious bias in the workplace.



Equity, diversity & inclusion trainings made available to employees


of senior management and above identify as female


of first level management identify as female


of workforce identify as female

Community Relations

Build trust as good stewards by engaging proactively with communities to ensure that their interests are appropriately considered in our decision-making.

  • Community Consultation

Photo by Julie Changon, Evolugen Employee

Demonstrating our Commitment to Communities

Our facilities have contributed to the prosperity of local communities, in many cases for generations, and we recognize the importance of maintaining this contribution. In addition to working cooperatively on environment, health, safety and emergency response, we assist with local projects, provide recreational opportunities, and work closely with regional partners to make a positive impact that is aligned with both the needs of the local stakeholders and our business values.



Community support projects

We provide in-kind and financial support to programs, initiatives and organizations that benefit the communities in proximity to our facilities with a focus on environmental initiatives, health, safety, well-being and quality of life, education, research and recrea­tion, community services, and Indigenous communities.


Employee volunteer hours

Evolugen employee volunteer hours supporting communities where we work and live focused on environmental initiatives, health and safety, education and research, community services, and Indigenous communities.


Donations and Community Investments

Evolugen’s community support is rooted in our Charitable Giving Guidelines. The amount spent is representative of voluntary donations plus community investment of funds where the target beneficiaries are external to the organization.

Indigenous Relations

Ensure we are the partner of choice for Indigenous peoples by structuring our projects and managing our operations in a manner that respects their distinctive cultures, traditions, values and aspirations, as outlined in our guiding Indigenous principles.

  • Meaningful Consultation & Engagement with Indigenous Peoples

Photo by Ali Kazal on Unsplash

Maintaining Strong Relationships with Indigenous Peoples

We recognize that Indigenous Peoples were the original inhabitants of the land that became Canada and respect that each Indigenous community has its own distinct cultures, traditions, values and aspirations. As such, Evolugen values strong communication with Indigenous Peoples particularly as it relates to the development of our projects and our on-going operations. Publishing our Indigenous Principles publicly affirms our values and our commitment to Indigenous Peoples and is reflected in the strong partnerships we have been fortunate to foster, including co-ownership of facilities.

Our existing Indigenous partnerships demonstrate our commitment to incorporating traditional knowledge in new projects and structuring them in ways that provide social, cultural and economic benefits. As with all our projects, we bring our significant technical knowledge, strong financial capabilities and a collaborative approach to solving problems.

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