Tailored Solutions for a Simplified Approach to Renewable Energy


Our expert team works hand-in-hand with our partners contribute to Canada’s clean energy evolution at a scale that fits their objectives. Thanks to our financial and development expertise, our team can structure clean energy solutions that reduce our clients’ risk while enabling them to participate in our country’s low-carbon economy.

We continue to explore new solutions, such as demand side management and distributed generation, to meet our customers’ evolving energy needs.


New Build Renewable Solutions

Our development expertise across hydro, wind, solar and storage technologies enables us to design and structure renewable power solutions that meet our customers’ energy requirements.

Development Projects

  • We design new build hydro, wind, solar and storage facilities as standalone projects or in combination with different technologies or existing facilities. Our clients purchase clean energy from these facilities while we own, operate and maintain them.


  • Bringing additional renewable energy on the grid
  • Developing designs that are adapted to organizational requirements and leverage local renewable resources

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What’s a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC)?

A REC represents one megawatt-hour (MWh) of clean electricity generated on your behalf by a renewable energy facility. By purchasing RECs, you claim the environmental and social benefits of that MWh of renewable energy.

Flexible Renewable Solutions

Our clients benefit from renewable energy solutions that can be actioned in the near-term without committing to a large-scale development project thanks to our portfolio of pre-existing hydro and wind facilities. In working with our clients, we structure renewable energy solutions that match their energy consumption patterns. Through our operational expertise and investments, we ensure that our facilities are maintained and upgraded so that they continue to effectively and reliably generate clean power for decades to come.

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  • Renewable energy certificates (RECs)We offer RECs to match energy consumption, enabling our clients to maintain their current energy procurement system while addressing their scope 2 GHG emissions.
  • Renewable energy (Energy + RECs)We supply renewable energy generation from our existing facilities as well as the corresponding RECs, allowing our clients to transition their energy procurement towards renewable power.


  • Providing immediate access to clean, renewable energy
  • Easily accommodating current operations through flexible solutions

An Evolving Energy Offering

In creating a sustainable future, it is important to accompany our clients in addressing their specific energy needs with innovative thinking and expertise. The transition towards renewable energy can take many forms and we always work towards the best solution for our customers, also helping them to manage their energy consumption.

Demand-Side Solutions

On top of supplying our clients with renewable power, we support them in effectively managing and understanding their energy consumption and promoting efficient energy use. Our goal is to help our clients sustainably transition their organization towards renewable energy while accomplishing their operational objectives.

Onsite Solutions

Through distributed generation and energy storage, our clients can generate their own power, effectively reducing their energy bill and increasing the resiliency and flexibility of their organization in meeting their energy needs.

Through this approach, we can support our clients’ clean energy ambitions, great or small.

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