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Sunrise Solar Project

Pincher Creek, AB

In Development




75 MW


Pincher Creek, AB

About the Project

Evolugen is developing the 75 MW Sunrise Solar Project, to be located in the Municipal District (M.D.) of Pincher Creek, North-West of the town of Pincher Creek in southern Alberta. The Project has been under development since 2021 with environmental baseline studies completed in 2022.

Stakeholder consultation began in early 2023, holding our first open house in March 2023 and our second in January 2024.

In February 2024 we submitted our project application with the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC).

Project Update

There have been significant Project updates throughout the second half of 2023 to take into account the feedback we received from the community, the M.D. of Pincher Creek, and the Town of Pincher Creek. Working with the landowner, we have made changes to the layout of the solar panels – see the Map below.

The updated layout and site optimization provides a number of advantages in response to the feedback received to date. This new layout will increase the distance between the project and the municipal boundary while reducing the visual impact from the Town of Pincher Creek. The closest solar panels will now be 1.6 KM from the roundabout at the corner of Highway 507 and Highway 6 as opposed to 800M with the previous layout. This site optimization has also resulted in a smaller footprint, reducing the overall Project footprint on agricultural land by ~15%.

New Proposed Layout
Subject to change.

Subject to change.

Layout Originally Proposed

  • Located on approximately 500 acres of cultivated, privately owned land
  • Will mark the first utility-scale solar project constructed in the M.D. of Pincher Creek
  • Comprised of more than 180,000 bi-facial photovoltaic panels installed on single axis trackers racking system, internal access roads, cabling, electrical inverters, a substation, and other related electrical equipment
  • noise impact assessment and solar glare assessment were completed in early 2023 and have since been updated to reflect the new project layout. Copies of the updated assessments are available below
  • Nearing the end of Stage 3 in the AESO interconnection process
  • Once operational, the project will generate 180 GWh of renewable electricity annually, enough to power ~25,340 Alberta homes.

The Project will provide a source of clean energy, create jobs, strengthen the local economy, and add value to the community by:

  • Creating more than 100 new construction jobs and long-term operational employment opportunities
  • Providing contract opportunities for local businesses and suppliers
  • Providing a stable source of property taxes to the M.D.
  • Creating a Community Benefit Fund for the benefit of the community of Pincher Creek

Evolugen is committed to building trust with local stakeholders and engaging proactively with communities to ensure that their interests are appropriately considered in our decision-making. As part of our commitment to community engagement, Evolugen hosted two in-person Community Open Houses, in March 2023 and January 2024 to introduce the Project and gain feedback. A number of substantive changes have been made to the Project design as a result of that input.