Renewable Energy Certificates

Making Clean Power
Solutions Accessible

What is a Renewable Energy Certificate?

RECs are used worldwide by leading organizations to offset electricity consumption as part of their sustainability goals. A REC represents 1 megawatt-hour (“MWh”) of clean electricity generated on your behalf by a renewable energy facility. By purchasing RECs, you take claim of the environmental and social attributes of that MWh of renewable energy.

Evolugen’s RECs come directly from our solar, wind and hydropower facilities. Your investment directly supports these facilities as well as community initiatives across Canada. Evolugen can also offer its energy trading services to procure RECs on behalf of your organization from other facilities and geographies.

What is Unique About our RECs

We produce our own RECs, backed by a fleet of solar, wind and hydropower facilities. By dealing directly with the generator, you eliminate the middle-man, reducing costs. Through our parent company Brookfield Renewable, we can offer these solutions in Canada, the United States and world wide.

Evolugen creates value by developing innovative natural power solutions that accelerate Canada towards a low-carbon future. Our long-standing experience as a developer, owner and operator, along with our unique expertise in energy trading and management makes us the right choice for businesses looking to address their environmental impact on the planet.

Evolugen's Offer

Sustainable Sourcing

Maintaining the highest standards of environmental protection consistent with certification requirements.


Giving you the ability to trace the origin of your REC purchase.


Keeping your purchase simple; without any changes to your utility bill or existing power contract.


Ensuring exclusive ownership of the RECs you purchase through regular audits from a reputable third party.


Providing you with complete details about your purchase including facility location, technology, and vintage.

Competitive Pricing

Dealing directly with the generator, the
source of the RECs, eliminates the
middleman, and allows for competitive


The Benefits

More than ever, businesses, customers and employees are looking for companies that care about the legacy they’re leaving behind and are taking strides to continually increase their commitment to sustainability.

Your investment not only supports renewable energy, it also contributes to enhancing community initiatives across Canada.


5 Benefits of investing in RECs
  1. Demonstrate your engagement as an environmentally conscious organization
  2. Enhance your reputation and brand, and distinguish yourself from the competition
  3. Support your offices and facilities’ qualification to the highest building standards, such as LEED and Zero Carbon Building Initiative from Canada Green Building Council
  4. Help reduce your greenhouse gas footprint
  5. Evolve your business culture and attract like-minded employees and customers

By choosing our RECs, you’re investing in a greener planet and a healthier, local community


What’s in it for our Planet

The Planet
  • Support the future of renewable energy
  • Fight climate change by avoiding emissions that contribute to global warming
  • Partner with a company that respects, protects and enhances biodiversity and the environment
The community
  • Support local tourism, recreation, and educational opportunities
  • Contribute to community projects and non-profit organizations
  • Build relationships and partnerships with Canadian communities


Community Involvement

Across our business, we strive to earn trust and maintain long-lasting relationships with Indigenous partners and stakeholders, through active engagement and a leading health & safety culture.

In structuring our community initiatives, we focus our support on specific causes, namely medical health assistance, education, community services, environment and sustainable development.

Across Canada, we support nearly 200 charitable organizations annually, including: The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO), 24h Tremblant, The Gatineau Social Pediatric Centre, The Powell River Food Bank, and more.