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Gosfield Battery Energy Storage Project

Kingsville, ON

In Development




39 MW


Kingsville, ON

About the Project

The Gosfield Battery Energy Storage Project directly responds to the Independent Electricity System Operator’s (IESO) call for additional capacity to meet Ontario’s growing electricity consumption. The Project will be co-located with Evolugen’s operating Gosfield Wind Farm on up to two and a half acres of private land in Kingsville and represents a cost-effective solution to add capacity, enhance flexible grid operations, and save greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Ontario by reducing the need for carbon-intensive power plants during times of peak demand.


The proposed Project will consist of installing battery modules near the operating Gosfield Wind Farm substation. The Project is in the feasibility stage and is expected to be operational by May 2025, subject to the IESO determining the Project to be best for Ontario ratepayers.

  • Directly interconnected to IESO using Gosfield Wind Farm existing 51 MW interconnection
  • Initial investment of ~$115 million
  • Capacity of 39 MW and 156 MWh of energy storage

Evolugen is committed to building trust with local stakeholders and engaging proactively with communities to ensure that their interests are appropriately considered in our decision-making. The Project will follow this commitment and will be located in a remote location with:

  • Minimal biodiversity and noise impact
  • Minimal traffic when facility is operational
  • Increased electricity supply and reliability
  • Reduced chance for outages in the network


As part of our commitment to building trust with local stakeholders, community members are invited to share project comments, questions and concerns by email at