Press Releases | GATINEAU, December 15, 2020

Evolugen and Gazifère Join Forces to Develop Green Hydrogen in Canada

Evolugen, the Canadian operating business of Brookfield Renewable, and Gazifère Inc., an Enbridge company, today announced their collaboration in advancing the development and use of green hydrogen production in the Outaouais region.

The parties intend to pool their expertise over the next several years to develop a green hydrogen-based, low-carbon energy ecosystem in Quebec and other parts of Canada. This collaboration brings together two leading organizations in the energy sector, with Evolugen operating one of the largest renewable power portfolios in the country, while Gazifère is one of two distributors of natural gas in Quebec.

Under this strategic collaboration, Evolugen and Gazifère will seek to carve out a strong position in the fast-growing but highly competitive green hydrogen market. The two Quebec-based companies believe that this endeavour is in line with government objectives, particularly in Quebec, to achieve ambitious energy transition and greenhouse gas emission reduction targets and, ultimately, generate significant economic benefits. Evolugen and Gazifère will also explore development opportunities for innovative green hydrogen projects elsewhere in Canada.

In working with government and industry, Evolugen and Gazifère believe that Quebec and Canada are well-positioned to become a world leader in the production and use of this low-carbon energy source.

About Gazifère

Gazifère is a private corporation employing 110 people, and a subsidiary of Enbridge Inc. Established in the Outaouais region since 1959, it is one of two distributors of natural gas in Quebec. The company serves more than 43,500 residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial customers and owns and operates a 1,000 km gas supply system.

Gazifère holds a franchise for the Outaouais region and currently supplies the city of Gatineau as well as the municipality of Chelsea. Gazifère has been committed to energy efficiency for many years and began supplying renewable natural gas in 2020. It intends to become the first natural gas distributor in North America to offer an all-green, fully renewable energy portfolio by 2050.

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