Health & Safety

Fostering a Strong Health
and Safety Culture


Health & Safety

Maintain our commitment as leaders in the protection of our employees, our contractors and the public, and promote a strong and  health and safety culture.

Powell River Hydro, BC

The framework and policies outlined in our Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSS&E) Program promote common values and set the tone for a strong health and safety culture.

At Evolugen, we are committed to protecting our personnel and all people who interact with the area around our facilities, and to making safety a top priority in everything we do.

Guiding Principles

We believe safety management and performance is a shared responsibility, supported by a strong safety culture that starts at the top. We expect every employee and contractor to adhere to the following health and safety principles:


Our policies and procedures apply to our employees, contractors and subcontractors, and take into consideration
the public’s protection.


We promote transparency and learning from experience to continuously improve our management systems and


Our business-wide safety audit program is meant to provide a roadmap to continuously improve our management systems and performance.


We believe that every accident should be preventable, and that safety management systems should be tailored to manage the key safety risks of our business.


We provide training programs to our employees and contractors to ensure that they have the necessary skills to conduct their work safely and efficiently.


Marilia Correa Salustiano

Manager, Health & Safety

Evolugen has an extensive and well-structured health and safety program that is promoted by senior management and applied throughout our operations. The active participation of all workers in discussing, identifying, analyzing and preventing health and safety incidents underpins the success of our safety culture for the benefit of our employees and the public.