Community Relations

Contributing to the Communities
Where We Live and Work


Community Relations

Build trust as good stewards by proactively engaging with communities to ensure that their interests are appropriately considered in our decision-making.

Powell River Hydro, BC

Being an active member of the communities where we live and work has always been an integral part of who we are. We recognize the role that our facilities played in contributing to the prosperity of local municipalities for generations, and the importance of maintaining this contribution.

Actively Engaged in
Our Communities

Across our business, we look to actively contribute to the environmental, social and economic well-being of the local community.

We do so by:

  • Consulting and working proactively with Indigenous peoples and local communities.
  • Understanding and respecting our stakeholders’ values and expectations and considering them in our day-to-day operations
    and long term planning.
  • Directly contributing to community projects, non-profit organizations, local tourism, and recreational and educational programs.
Photo: Mathieu Nadeau, Employee

Providing Recreational Opportunities for the Community

The land and water near our facilities offer unique recreational opportunities, including kayaking, fishing, camping, hiking and snowmobiling, in stunning areas close to home. Most importantly, we are committed to ensuring that the public safely enjoys these recreational activities and the beauty of the land that surrounds them. In order to ensure their safe enjoyment, we work closely with community organizations and authorities in providing access to these areas.

Gosfield-Comber Wind, ON

Contributing Economic Benefits to the Region

Given the technical nature of our operations, we provide high-caliber employment to professionals in the region as well as direct and indirect economic benefits, such as contracting with local suppliers. Additionally, our facilities provide communities access to clean, renewable energy for businesses and homes.

24h Tremblant Charity Event , QC

A Local Community Partner

We actively support and contribute to community organizations where we live and work. We value collaborative projects that benefit the community and also encourage employee volunteerism within our company.

In structuring our community initiatives, we focus our support on specific causes, namely medical health assistance, education, community services, environment, sustainable development as well as during public emergencies, such as natural disasters.

One example of such community partnership is our support and participation in the 24H Tremblant charity relay race, which benefits three organizations supporting children. Since first joining the event in 2006, our employee teams have enthusiastically participated by leveraging their personal and professional networks and by developing creative fundraising ideas like bake-sales and hand-crafted ceramic planters. Through a donation matching program, we have helped raise millions of dollars to support this worthy cause.


Dre. Anne Marie Bureau


Evolugen’s involvement with the Gatineau Social Pediatric Centre goes beyond financial support; it’s a true story of friendship. Their team takes part in our activities with the children by supporting and collaborating on projects like the community garden. They are with us every step of the way, sharing our values and being wholeheartedly invested in the well-being of our children.