Creating Value
Beyond Renewable Energy

Photo: Ken and Kathy Pritchard, Local Partners

Sustainability in
Everything We Do

Since our beginnings, we’ve never lost sight of our goal: To grow our business successfully in a manner that respects the environment and the communities that enable us to develop our renewable power solutions.

These values are reflected in our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Program.

Photo: Hugo Saint-Jean, Employee

Providing Sustainable Solutions

As we deliver renewable energy solutions, we recognize the importance of the natural resources we harness and are committed to understanding and preserving the ecosystems around our renewable facilities. We provide our customers with the opportunity to achieve their renewable energy goals and to contribute to a low-carbon economy by reducing their own emissions.


Building Trust

We strive to earn trust and maintain long-lasting relationships with stakeholders, through active engagement and a leading health & safety culture.

From community members, investors, customers, regulators and employees, our relationships are fundamental to our success and built upon transparency, open dialogue about values and an objective of achieving shared benefits.

Aubrey Falls Hydro, ON

Building Our Business Responsibly

Our Board of Directors, management and employees aim for excellence, conducting our business fairly and with the highest ethical standards.

Our goal is to responsibly build value for our shareholders, stakeholders and communities over the long term, while integrating ESG principles in our decisions. We maintain a governance framework that takes into consideration evolving legislation, policies, guidelines and best practices.


Our ESG Program

For more information on our ESG Program, please consult our report.